Regulations 101

It is no secret the 113th Congress was one of the least effective in history, enacting only 297 public laws.  It is yet to be determined how the 114th Congress will compare, but one thing that is not in question is the fact that the public policy process has been dramatically impacted by stagnation on Capitol Hill.  With fewer laws being passed, both advocacy groups and the White House are looking beyond Capitol Hill towards federal regulatory agencies to make their voices heard.

With this shift in focus toward getting things done through federal regulatory, versus legislative, means, it is important to have a basic knowledge of the regulatory process  - what regulations are, why they matter, and how you can make your voice heard.  We hope that the resources below will provide that basic foundation and serve as a jumping off point for you to learn even more about federal regulations and how you can get involved.

Defining Regulations

Creating Rules and Regulations

Effects of a Regulation

How to Comment on a Regulation

Helpful Links and Tips